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    With a Bachelor of applied media management, a master in Corporate Communications and a background in graphic design, I’m either more then less a self-taught surface pattern designer who began a creative journey in 2017 to remember how to play. This was when I became really unenergized and restless in monotony and realized that I couldn’t imagine having to do the same thing every day.

    Starting my creative journey and freelance career every day is completely unique, which I love the most. I work out of my creatively messy studio in Reutlingen where I play with paperart, cut out collages and seamless pattern designs.

    I’m the kind of artist that tries not to take herself too seriously, discovering new designs mostly through what I call ‚happy accidents‘ while exploring themes of play, balance, movement and curiosity with a bright color palette and a fun, cheerful and contemporary signature style. To sum up my work is a constant exploration full of vibrant colors, lively compositions and positive energy I hope to put out in the world. In art, as in life, sometimes rules are made to be broken: There are no rules in my work, just a celebration of colors and shapes that nestle together and bound to put a smile on your face.

    „Play is the most important element in discovering who you are.“

    I LOVE that I get to paint, draw and design for a living, and I hope to inspire and empower others (including my own daughter) to do something they truly love. Being able to stay home with my little was one of my biggest goals and I love the freedom this career holds! I think in the larger spectrum of life, if we can all move towards doing things that bring us joy, whether that’s with our careers, whether that’s with what we do in our free time or the kinds of relationships we invest in: If we can all move towards things that help us be more content and joyful individuals, the world will be lighter and maybe a little easier. And I believe practicing grace, fun and play in this environment is key to discover yourself.

    In the end I hope my work will give you these positive feeling too: Being joyful and remember how to play.



    Remember those childhood days spent running in your bare feet, playing make-believe, and, most of all, living live with fearless enthusiasm? That spirit is an important element in discovering who you are and what you love to do - and it’s insight you right now, waiting to be rediscovered. Here’s the best part: you’ve had it all along. Paper art is the perfect prescription for a creative jump start to your creative life. The shapes, colors, simplicity, projects, activities, creations, postcards, poster and fun ideas inside will spark your imagination and send you off on an exciting journey of discovery, where you’ll find inspiration lurking all around you and within you! My work is an invitation to uncover your inner creative genius and dare to play.

    I can be in my studio all day, it’s my happy place.

    My playful and colorful studio evokes everything I’am all about! Located at Nürtingerhofstraße 4 in Reutlingen, Germany it’s a place where I welcome customers, friends and neighbors with a cup of tea.

    THE GOOD HOOD STUDIO is a shared space where a lot happens simultaneously, and some of it is done together. We’re engaged in various businesses that inspire, support, cheer on, and sometimes sneakily distract each other from work: a studio for collaborative and individual ideas, designs, commissions, projects, plans, exhibitions, workshops, and products.