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    Crafting dreams into colorful reality: My new studio adventure

    Hey there, fellow creatives and color aficionados! Buckle up, because I’m about to whisk you away on a whirlwind journey through my creative universe. Picture this: Reutlingen, a cozy corner where my artistic escapades come to life.

    Let’s rewind a bit to 2020 when I took a plunge into the exhilarating world of self-employment. Armed with an unwavering love for all things bold and beautiful, my mission was clear – to spread joy through my playful art. Yep, think bright colors, audacious shapes, and that unmistakable hint of magic that sets my creations apart.

    Now, here’s the twist in my tale. After setting up shop at home and navigating the glorious chaos of creative mess, I decided it was time for a change. In 2021, I ventured into a community studio. Imagine a hub where like-minded artists share a space – it’s like an artistic potluck, but instead of dishes, we’re dishing out ideas, inspiration, and yes, a fair share of laughter.

    But oh boy, that studio had a personality of its own! In winter, I’d be bundled up like an art-inspired snowball, while summer turned me into a melting palette. Clearly, Mr. Thermometer and I were not on the same wavelength. So, with a heavy heart (and perhaps a few icicles), I bid adieu to my first creative haven.

    Remember that pop-up shop in April? A light bulb moment hit me – mingling with art lovers, chatting about creativity, and showcasing my products in person was a whole new level of awesome. Cue my dream: a studio that doubles as an office and a mini art gallery. A space where colors pop and ideas bounce, and where friends, old and new, can drop in for a splash of inspiration.

    Fast forward to August, and guess what? I found it! With Jule, an independent architect by my side, we embarked on a mission to turn this 40m² space into our creative sanctuary. We’re talking knocking down walls (literally and figuratively), coaxing in more sunlight, and giving those floors a makeover already.

    Now desks and shelves, waiting to be assembled like puzzles. Every nail hammered in, a promise of exciting projects ahead. The studio was coming together, piece by colorful piece. And as the final strokes of paint grace the walls, I can almost hear them whispering, „Get ready to bring your wildest artistic dreams to life!“

    Mark your calendars for October, my friends, because that’s when the curtain will rise on this happy place. You’re all invited – there’ll be an opening party that promises more colors than a double rainbow! It’s not just about inaugurating a space; it’s about celebrating the journey, the dreams, and the fearless pursuit of something that sets your soul on fire.

    But hey, this isn’t the end of the story; it’s just the beginning of an exciting new chapter. So, follow me on Instagram (@lisajasminbauer in case you’re wondering) as I spill the beans on every stroke, every splash, and every laugh that goes into making this dream studio a reality.

    Buckle up, dear readers, for this ride is bound to be as colorful and captivating as a canvas splashed with unbridled creativity. Let’s embark on this adventure together, and who knows, maybe my studio journey will inspire you to add a few bold brushstrokes to your own life’s canvas. Until then, stay tuned, stay vibrant, and let’s keep those dreams daringly alive! 🎨 🌈 ✨

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