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    My Top 5 Skillshare Teachers

    Unleashing Creativity and Nurturing Dreams: My Skillshare Journey

    The onset of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020 brought unprecedented challenges across various industries, causing a significant decline in clientele for many businesses, including mine. However, amidst the setbacks, I saw an opportunity to expand my horizons and cultivate my creativity. Even before the pandemic, I had yearned to delve back into a more imaginative and artistic realm, but the constraints of time prevented me from doing so. As fate would have it, the late summer of that year marked the beginning of my journey into motherhood, prompting me to take a step back from work and use the time to construct a creative portfolio.

    Pursuing a creative career while prioritizing the freedom to be present for my children was of paramount importance to me. However, financial limitations deterred me from investing in a formal graphic design education. Moreover, I harbored doubts about fitting into such an academic environment.

    Discovering Skillshare

    In my quest to broaden my creative horizons, I stumbled upon Skillshare, likely through platforms like YouTube. For those unfamiliar with Skillshare, it is an online learning platform catering to creatives (artists working with traditional and digital media, graphic designers, photographers, hobbyists, etc.) and entrepreneurs (web design, user experience, digital marketing). Skillshare hosts a plethora of tutorials and courses presented by renowned artists, creatives, and industry experts, as well as lesser-known individuals.

    I have been utilizing Skillshare for about four years now, and I cannot fathom my life without it. While other online learning platforms like Udemy exist, where one can enroll in courses taught by academics, Skillshare is uniquely focused on the creative industry.

    My Journey of Skill Mastery

    My journey on Skillshare has been centered around mastering tools like Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, and ProCreate to digitize my art and forge a successful career as an art licensor.

    Among the multitude of incredible Skillshare instructors, I have selected my top 5 favorites. Rest assured, there are many more, but for the sake of brevity and clarity, I have narrowed down my list to these phenomenal individuals. I invite you to explore their work on Instagram and let their art speak for itself. Here they are, listed alphabetically:

    1. Mel Armstrong
    2. Bonnie Christine
    3. Maja Faber
    4. Lisa Glanz
    5. Liz Kohler Brown

    Skillshare has not only empowered me to enhance my artistic skills and propel my creative aspirations but has also been a crucial companion in my journey through motherhood. It’s a platform that caters to dreams and allows individuals to nurture their talents without the conventional barriers of academia.

    As my Skillshare journey progressed, I reached a significant milestone — I created my very first Skillshare course, where I enthusiastically share my knowledge and art with fellow creatives. This endeavor has been incredibly rewarding, and the positive response from my students has fueled my desire to contribute more. I aspire to develop additional courses in the future, driven by the simple joy of sharing knowledge and fostering a community of artists. Skillshare has truly become an indispensable companion on my path toward becoming a Surface Pattern Designer, supporting me every step of the way. The platform’s ethos aligns seamlessly with my goals, and I eagerly anticipate what the future holds as I continue to evolve and inspire through my creative journey on Skillshare.

    As I continue on this journey, I am immensely grateful for the opportunities Skillshare has provided me and look forward to what the future holds in this boundless realm of creativity.

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