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    DIY Christmas window cut out

    The holiday season is upon us, and what better way to embrace the festive spirit than by creating your own magical winter wonderland right on your windows? I’ve conjured up a few delightful Christmas motifs for us all to cut out, and the timing for this little DIY project couldn’t be more perfect. As the winter sun begins to dance on your windows with its new playmates, real magic unfolds on curtains and walls in your home. Are you ready to dance along?

    Whether in delicate white or vibrant hues, a Christmas window display is a magical festive decor.

    Materials You’ll Need:

    How to Bring Your Christmas Window Display to Life:

    Step 1: Download and Print the Template

    Begin by downloading the free template for a Christmas window display here and print it directly onto your craft paper. This makes the cutting process a breeze. Make it a fun family activity with some Christmas cocoa and favorite tunes.

    Prepare your paper pieces and quickly clean the window that is about to showcase your masterpiece.

    Step 2: Get Creative

    Consider experimenting with an arrangement on the table first. Bold creative minds can dive right onto the window and work their way through. Every motif will look stunning, we promise!

    Use a glue stick to apply adhesive to the paper pieces and then stick them onto the window. If the paper wrinkles due to the moisture from the glue, don’t worry. Gently smooth it with your finger and press the paper lightly – it will be smooth again after drying.

    The best part? These motifs are easy to remove and can be saved for the next year. Any leftover glue can be easily cleaned from the windows with warm soapy water and a cloth.

    Let the play of shapes in the sunlight enchant you. Have a blast getting creative!

    Don’t forget to showcase your window art on Instagram and tag @lisajasminbauer. This way, we can share your masterpiece with the entire community and inspire each other.

    I can’t wait to see vibrant winter landscapes and delicate snow worlds. Happy crafting! 🎨✨

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