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    You can’t draw? so what!

    Hey there, fellow creatives! Ever found yourself muttering, „I can’t draw“? Well, let me spill the colorful beans – you’re not alone, and you’re definitely not out of the creative game! I can’t draw,  a statement I’ve heard countless times, and one I’ve even whispered to myself in the past. But let me tell you, that this sentiment is a mere whisper in the grand symphony of creativity. You see, the journey I’ve embarked upon has taught me that art knows no bounds, and self-expression is not confined by the limitations of traditional drawing. In the whimsical chaos of my Reutlingen studio, where colors come to life and imagination runs wild, I now work as a freelance creative and earn a living from my art.

    Unleash Your Inner Picasso… or Not!

    Alright, confession time – I couldn’t draw a picture-perfect face to save my paintbrush. Portrait? More like a potato with eyes. But guess what? That didn’t stop me from making a splash in the creative world! Who needs perfection when you can have fun, right?

    Discovering the Art of Imperfection

    Amidst a world that often glorifies meticulous detail and hyper-realistic renderings, I proudly wear the badge of a self-proclaimed „imperfect“ artist. I’ve never been able to craft a photorealistic portrait, and that’s perfectly okay. My art celebrates the bold and vibrant, the playful and joyous. I invite you to journey with me into a realm where imperfections are not flaws but rather opportunities to embrace a unique style, a style that celebrates color, shape, and, above all, the unbridled spirit of creativity.

    Finding Liberation in Scissors and Paper

    Scissors are my BFF, and paper is my playground! My creative sanctuary often finds me amidst a riot of paper and the rhythmic snip-snip of scissors. Through this whimsical dance of cutting and arranging, I’ve found a way to channel my artistic voice without the need for flawless strokes of a pencil. With every playful snip, I dismantle the notion that artistic excellence is solely reserved for the skilled brush of a painter. Each piece I create is a testament to the freedom that comes from embracing simplicity and allowing vibrant colors and bold shapes to weave their own captivating narratives.

    Colors and Shapes – A Language of Expression

    As a self-proclaimed color enthusiast, I’ve come to understand that colors and shapes possess a language of their own. Within the bounds of a canvas or a fabric, I’ve found a voice that doesn’t require a perfectly drawn line. The fusion of hues and forms speaks volumes, conveying emotions, stories, and messages that are uniquely mine. I invite you to gaze upon my portfolio, a visual testament to the potent magic that unfolds when we relinquish the pursuit of perfection and embrace the eloquence of simplicity.

    Ready to Rock Your Creative Socks Off?

    Now, my fellow creative souls, you might be wondering, „How can I embark on a similar journey?“ Fear not, for I have a delightful suggestion to set your creative spark ablaze!

    The Colorful Collage Challenge: Find a moment to escape the ordinary and gather an array of colorful paper. It could be a mix of old magazines, wrapping paper, or even scraps lying around your space. Armed with a pair of scissors and a heart brimming with curiosity, snip and arrange these vivid fragments into a collage that mirrors your emotions and aspirations. Let go of the need for perfection, for within the playful chaos lies the true essence of your artistic spirit.

    Need more inspiration? Check out my skillshare class

    Prefer to get creative digitally?

    In my free CUT ‚N CREATE LIBRARY you get a set of 50 different shapes in cool colors as PNG with which you can design directly digitally. Just sign up for the newsletter and download the Abstract Shapes Set.

    Wrap it Up with a Bow… or Glitter, Your Choice!

    So, let’s rewrite the „I can’t draw“ narrative together. It’s not about picture-perfect lines; it’s about colorful chaos, playful imperfection, and a truckload of laughter. Just as I’ve discovered my vibrant path in a world of colors and shapes, you too can unlock the doors of your imagination and embark on a playful and creative adventure that is uniquely your own. Welcome your inner artist – whether it’s with scissors, crayons, or even a potato (hey, don’t knock it till you try it). Dive into the world of whimsy and wackiness, and let’s make some art that’s as bright and bold as you are! Embrace imperfection, dance with colors, and remember – in the realm of creativity, there are no limits, only boundless possibilities.

    Happy creating!

    Lisa xoxo

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